Building Dreams Since 1979

With 3 generations of builders in the family, Jon Lowman, a baccalaureate graduate of the prestigious University of Florida M. E. Rinker, Sr. School of Construction Management in Gainseville, is reviving the Lowman Brothers construction company name from a long and storied past. The family construction business started with Jon’s Grandfather who began building in the central florida area in the mid 1950’s. His sons followed him into the construction business and starting the Lowman Brothers Construction Company in 1979. After years of working together the brothers decided to branch out into new fields and start additional companies in the area.  With Jon and his twin brother Josh both involved in the construction business they have decided to team up once again to become Lowman Brothers Construction Company, one of Brevard County's premier residential and commercial construction companies. Lowman Brothers Construction team's years of experience and innovation can build your dreams.

Our Services

Residential construction can incorporate anything from new home construction to the addition or remodeling of an existing room in your home. Is it time to update your kitchen or get rid of that 70′s bathroom? We can help. Our prices are fair and competitive and our workmanship is exemplary. They say “Home is where the heart is” so don’t let your next project idea go to waste, contact us for a Free Quote today.

Moving into a new building often means upgrading the interior to meet your business needs. You may need extra storage closets, more office spaces for additional emplyoees or a brand new break room to help keep everyone happy. The Lowman Brothers Construction team can create a cost effective solution to add the space you need for your office building.

When disaster strikes, it can be devastating to your business. Most insurance companies require licensed contractors to complete the cleanup and repairs in order for claims to be paid. Lowman Brothers Construction is licensed and insured and can get you back in business with quality cleanup and insurance restoration quickly and affordably

Older homes have tendencies to have more issues resulting from their age and years of wear and tear than newer homes. For example, an older home may have electrical wiring that is nearing the end of its safely usable life cycle. These things could cause potential liabilities to insurance companies issueing home owner’s insurance policies. Getting a 4-Point inspection for your older home will not only set your mind at ease but your insurance company’s as well.

Whether you’re a business owner looking to rent or purchase a building, or a homeowner getting ready to purchase a new home, having your property inspected by a qualified building inspector is a must. A qualified property inspection will save you time and money by eliminating costly potential surprises. You can also save money on your insurance by getting a certified insurance inspection or wind mitigation inspection.